Valrico, FL

Valrico, FL

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Pack 61 is chartered by the Brandon '86 Rotary Club.  Our monthly Pack meetings are held from 7:00pm to 8:00pm on the 1st Thursday of the month at St. Andrews Church.

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Family Camping Checklist
Cub Scout Pack 61
Valrico, FL

The below list are suggestions of items for camping:

___ Tent/stakes
___ Hammer
___ Tarp(s)
___ Bedding/sleeping bag and pillow
___ Air mattress or padding/inflator
___ Flashlight
___ Lantern
___ Tent broom
___ Alarm clock (battery-powered)

___ Water bottles
___ Bottled water
___ Dishes (cup, bowl, plate, knife, fork, spoon for each person or disposables)
___ Pots and pans
___ Cooking Utensils
___ Charcoal and starter
___ Groceries (include smores)
___ Matches
___ Camp Stove
___ Long forks for roasting marshmallows
___ Hot pads
___ Ice cooler
___ Dish wash detergent (biodegradable)
___ Pot scrubber sponge
___ Paper towels
___ Dish towels
___ Trash bags
___ Shovel

___ Clothesline
___ Cub Scout Uniform
___ Cub Scout T-shirt
___ Poncho or raincoat
___ Sweat Shirt
___ Pajamas
___ One change of clothing per day.
___ Shoes
___ Extra underwear, socks, and shoes
Personal Hygiene
___ Toothpaste, toothbrush, comb
___ Washcloth and towel
___ Soap
___ Shampoo
___ Toilet paper (not needed at WDW)
___ Bag to carry toiletries in
___ Medicines

___ First Aid kit
___ Sunscreen
___ Sunglasses
___ Insect repellent
___ Hat

Relaxing and Learning
___ Cub Scout Handbook
___ Binoculars
___ Notebook and pen
___ Nature books
___ Camera
___ Fishing gear
___ Bicycles
___ Side Tables
___ Lawn chairs

There is no electricity at campsites at Creek Side Meadows (WDW).  Please plan your menus accordingly.
Firewood is supplied by the pack.
Smoking is prohibited in sight of the scouts.

Electronic devices (such as gameboys. Etc.)
Alcohol, weapons, firearms, archery equipment, fireworks
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